Dolphins and blue water

It was my dream to swim with dolphins in the wild. Several years ago, I traveled to Bimini island in the Caribbean to do just that. It’s a place famous for its ties to the Atlantis legend and the Bimini Road (square underwater stones suspected to be remnants of Atlantis) It was an amazing journey(…)

Accomplishing dreams

Being creative is almost like drowning in a sea of ideas! Sometimes goals and dreams seem too big or too complicated to accomplish it all. What do you choose? How? When? Why? Where? It’s easy to let doubts or procrastination delay the attaining of what we want. Those delays are a necessary part of things. There is a(…)

Taking risks

I’m standing on a cliff looking out into the sky. There is mist all around me and I can’t see the ground. I can’t even see three steps ahead of me. But I know it’s a cliff I’m standing on. It will take a leap of some kind. A leap of the mind, the spirit, or something… The(…)