My Art on the Cover of Sedona Journal

I looove seeing my art on magazine covers! (Makes me feel giddy. LOL) Look for the April 2015 issue of Sedona Journal with my “Paradise” art on the cover.

A photo of me and my art

  Here is a photo of me and my art called “Paradise”. It is one of my most favorite drawings! It’s created with pastels on paper with a lot of love and energy infused into it. Hope you can feel it!  🙂

I always enjoy receiving letters from all of you!

When I received this beautiful letter from Thomas, It made me cry. ((Happy)) Thank you for the love and support. And for letting me know how my work has touched YOU! I always enjoy receiving letters from all of you! It inspires me to continue my work and to know that it IS having a positive(…)

What do you see in the clouds?

When you look into the sky, do you see animals or people in the cloud shapes? Here is a photo I took from the car window (I thought the shapes were interesting!) I printed the picture and used color pencils to draw the images I saw. You’ll see a girl holding a heart, a dog(…)

Visionary Art Intensive with Alex Grey 2014

In September, I traveled to New York to participate in the Visionary Art Intensive taught by Alex Grey and Allyson Grey. Their art and talents are amazing! The week-long workshop was held at Omega Institute in Rhinebeck, NY. I have always heard great things about Omega, so it was a thrill to be able to(…)

New Facebook Fan page

I’m so excited to have a new page on Facebook to connect and share with you. Join me on Facebook! I’ll be posting additional content and little art update as well. Click here to see The Visionary Art of Nicole Mizoguchi fan page. P.S. You can see new step by step art process photos in(…)