Taking risks

I’m standing on a cliff looking out into the sky. There is mist all around me and I can’t see the ground. I can’t even see three steps ahead of me. But I know it’s a cliff I’m standing on. It will take a leap of some kind. A leap of the mind, the spirit, or something…

The unknown!

There is a protective mechanism in the brain that tries to keep me safe at all times. It works well but over reacts sometimes. Perceiving danger when there is only an unknown step ahead. The step may take me to joy or a crashing fall.

You already have it!

In the movie, The Wizard of OZ, they’re on a journey searching for things they think they don’t have. But in the end they realize the gifts they needed were already inside them. So in my vision, I stand on the cliff concerned but believing that I also have everything I need. Other wise, life would not have brought me to this cliff…this opportunity for a leap of faith.


I can feel something calling me forward out into the mist of the unknown. It feels sweet, encouraging, promising. Like what I have been wanting and manifesting is already there. So I listen and step forward into the unknown.