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Visionary Art Prints by Nicole Mizoguchi on Etsy!

Look for these beautiful art prints and other gift items in my ETSY store. They add positive energy and joy to your environment. It”s great having peaceful images to look at each day. Good for the soul! Shop Here  

Visionary Artist Interview: The Spiritual Art of Nicole Mizoguchi (Video)

Here is a RARE INTERVIEW of me sharing insights into my art process! You’ll also see some of my drawings as well. In this interview, you’ll hear how artist Nicole Mizoguchi uses clouds as inspiration for her spiritual art. Learn how she creates art that inspires people to feel happy, peaceful, and loving. See how(…)

A photo of me and my art

  Here is a photo of me and my art called “Paradise”. It is one of my most favorite drawings! It’s created with pastels on paper with a lot of love and energy infused into it. Hope you can feel it!  🙂