How I began creating art

When I was a kid I wanted to be an artist. Or a scientist or astronaut. But I found my passion in creating art!

My dad was a painter, but never realized his dreams of being a professional artist or going to college. But I got to experience that dream. Now I have degrees in Commercial art and Advertising, and another in Graphic Design and Illustration.

My first real job was in a busy advertising agency. Lot’s of computer work and deadlines! Then I was a graphic designer at the Dallas Zoo and Aquarium. We created signs for the animals, designed displays, and maps. Once, I even got to make casts of a chimpanzee’s hands. The molds were used to make bronze sculptures for the visually impaired. Seeing the animals was a cool part of working at the zoo.

Then in 1998, my life changed! My art changed. My inspirations changed. I quit my job at the zoo and began creating art from the soul. There are several events that caused this including a series of visions and a presence like an angel coming to me.

As I started creating visionary art, I had to retrain myself in some ways. In art college they taught me techniques of drawing and painting. Those skills were wonderful. But I was not taught how to create from my soul. How to put energy of joy, light, and peace into the artwork. Or how to inspire people by capturing images of the spiritual worlds. Those are skills that I learned on my own.

I continue to create art to help people feel happy and connected. To remind us all that love and beauty are all around us.