Joy and freedom - Visionary art by Nicole Mizoguchi - A bright smiling face with dolphins and birds.I love receiving your letters, comments, and fan mail. It means a lot to hear your kind words.

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♥ – I am amazed at Nicole’s work. For a reason unknown to me, I sat here crying as I looked through her website galleries. The images touched me in a very deep way. There is something unearthly and unconsciously familiar about them. She is truly gifted. – Thomas, USA

♥ – Nicole, The energy from your beautiful art is powerful. Thank you for sharing your divine gift. Peace and Light. – Donna, USA

♥ – I just looked at your album and want to pass on to you how great they are. I’m sure you already know this! But I like to say these things when they’re in my heart…thanx for putting your creativity out into the world. – Mel, Australia

♥ – I have been deeply influenced by Nicole and her artwork. Her art carries layers of unconscious meaning that can be felt as they flow into your eyes and heart. While the work is beautiful, to me the greatest value lies in the healing space created by the energies she is able to see and capture. It reminds you of who you are and who you will become. I am so thankful for Nicole’s vision and soul. She gives me hope for the future of our world because she helps us to see what we can be. – Cindy, USA

♥ – Nicole’s art touches the spirit and soul, and we definitely need such a gift during these troubling times. -Darlene, USA

♥ – Dearest Nicole, my heart is opening wide when I look at your wonderful art and I feel the love and the light that I AM. Thank you so much for doing this work. Warm wishes. – Daniela, Germany

♥ – Love your work. Thanks for sharing your visions. Peace, Love, and Light to you and your loved ones. – William

♥ – I never tire of viewing your amazing artwork…. again and again I come back…blessings nicole – S.R.

♥ – I really look forward to discovering your work “live” one day. I’ve been on your site, and it’s amazing, your gift! Thanks for sharing your gift and vision to those of us who can’t yet see! With gratitude. – Akiko, Japan

♥ – I’m blown away by what you do. My eyes, mind and heart were grasping at the images, overwhelmed by them. The colors are so gorgeous, vivid and bright. I have seen some beings that resemble the ones in your drawings. The energy and love that you capture is wonderful. Thank you for sharing with everyone. Your art inspires me to get off my butt and do what I’m supposed to do – create. It’s funny how we let everyday things get in the way and take up our time that we could be creating… Thank you again. I hope that you have a lovely day. – Lori

♥ – Lots of spiritual art or visionary art is pure technique and symbols, Nicole has something more. The energy, the glow and the great vibrations! -Beste, Norway

♥ – Hi Nicole, I just saw your artwork on the cover of the “Psychic Reader” in California. When I saw it, I just couldn’t believe my eyes. I have recently gotten interested in spirit photography, and a lot of the pictures I’ve taken, have some of the images in your artwork. I would go through each picture I’ve taken with photo enhancers, and would find a lot of strange things in them. Especially faces and energy. My boyfriend said it was only my imagination, but now I know they are really there. I can only see these things in my pictures. You must be truly gifted to see these things with your eyes. I just want to say, your artwork is beautiful. – Tammy, USA

♥ – I have seen your site. Wow I was blown away!  You are amazing! I think you are very good at what you do.  Your style is very spiritual and your color is amazingly beautiful. – Toniko, Japan

♥ – Hi Nicole, Just wanted to let you know I LOVE your art. Besides being gorgeous, it’s speaking to me on some deep level. All I know is that “Birthing the Universe” and “Journey to the Nebula of Dreams” give me goosebumps. It was really cool to see on your website that you’re inspired by visions seen in the clouds. – Rose, USA

♥ – I enjoyed Nicole’s art! Her work is so cool. I want to learn how to imagine and see her creative world here in Tokyo! – Kazue, Japan

♥ – I know that Nicole’s glorious art will become known all over the world. – Jo, USA

♥ – Hello Nicole, I received the Soul Art Commission on Monday AND it is fabulous, beautiful and wonderful… I am truly blessed to have found you! Many friends have fallen in love with it and so am letting them know about you. Much Love & Appreciation. – Janine, USA

♥ – Wow, this is the clearest I have felt in a long time. Thanks again Nicole for all your words and guidance. You are a truly inspiring person! – Holly, USA

♥ – Hi Nicole, Thanks for the gorgeous art work and divinely inspired message. I always feel like what you are writing about has to do with exactly what I am experiencing. It is very neat. Love – Felicia, USA

♥ – You are great! Many people need your art and messages. – Lillet, Japan

♥ – Whoa…Very cool. Love it! Thanks Nicole! – Tony, USA

♥ – Nicole! Wishing you all the greatness your life needs with much peace, love and joy. Peace – Jade

♥ – Hi Nicole, Thank you so much for sharing your love for art and your space at home today. It was a great experience playing with colors again. I really appreciate your thoughts and your sharing about art. And your work… they are simply amazing! It is my pleasure to have the chance to meet such a passionate person like you, hope to keep in touch. Till then, Take care and God bless. – Jeannie

♥ – Hi Nicole, Thank you for your great hospitality in your house yesterday, we had lots of fun creating the art work. Thank you and I look forward to seeing you again. – Chyi

♥ – I saw you on May 20 at Design Festa. I was very happy! Because I am a fan of your art. Your smile was very warm. When I saw your art on your home page, I calmed down and became happy. I’m glad to see your art!!  Thank you very much. – Ikumi, Japan

♥ – I met you at Design Festa yesterday. I was pretty impressed by your ideas, thoughts, and of course by the artworks! I learned through your website that you have just moved to Tokyo from the United States. Do you also plan to hold a workshop that you had been doing in Dallas such as “Intuitive art workshops and party”? I would love to participate in the workshops if you are planning one. How about Soul Portraits? Do you presently take session orders for the portraits? – Yoshie, Japan

♥ – Nicole…Your work is so beautiful and inspirational to me. I am also a Visionary Artist…on the path to further development. Thank you so much for who you are in the world. – Barbara

♥ – Nicole what a delightful time yesterday… thank you so much I finished my little card and have it hanging to inspire me! I want to have a leisurely time to look at that amazing book you put together I’m already standing in line to buy it! loved being with you in your space. Thanks again love & hugs. – Kris, Japan

♥ – Love your work. Thanks for sharing your visions. Peace, Love, and Light to you and your loved ones. – William

♥ – Am honored to have been able to share this part of your path of Life and thank you for connecting with mine in a creative and artistic way. Much Love – Janine, USA

♥ – Love your smile and radiance! You are such a beautiful woman and artistic goddess. – Shivani, Bali

♥ – Nicole, YOU are awesome! – David, USA

♥ – I love my soul art commission! Thank you Nicole! Can I order another commission now? – Heather, Utah, USA

♥ – Hello Sweet Artistic Connected One Nicole, What an incredible Gift!!!!  I cried as I read the intuitive text.  It is awesome and resonates at a deep soul, heart & spiritual level.  You are wonderful and I want to thank you for the gift you have given me and that you give to the world. Again my dear friend this is beautiful and will cherish it forever. – Janine, USA

♥ – I really enjoyed this! I feel so positive and inspired after my Soul Portrait drawing. Everyone should try this. Thank you. – Amy L. Texas, USA

♥ – I felt very comfortable and relaxed. Nicole seemed to be very sweet, welcoming and sincere. I was very amazed by her accuracy. – Emily, USA

♥ – Her insights are right on track – that’s why I didn’t ask questions during my Soul Portrait session. I was too shocked. – anonymous, USA

♥ – I am very grateful to have two Soul Portraits created by Nicole. There is a feeling when I’m sitting there as Nicole is drawing that is so meditative and peaceful. I feel very calm and relaxed. I especially feel the presence of my guru, Amma, and just want to close my eyes and savor the loving presence. When Nicole finishes and shows the artwork it’s always been amazing. I know I would get other readings. Even if there was no drawing at the end, I would be so grateful just to sit there and feel that amazing energy and peace that surrounds the whole thing. – Deepa, USA

♥ – Nicole, I found your site after a little friend that had cancer passed away he was only six years old. I can’t explain why, but I was told by spirit to type in “Earth Cell” on the internet and your website came up. Thanks so much for your sight. I know there is a higher being watching over earth. A friend in faith and hope. – Jim

♥ – Hi Nicole! Thanks again for another insightful and enjoyable reading. In the session, one of the hints you said was “Coney Island” and something with a “B-like, Brian or Bryson” sound. I think it is: Brooklyn!! That is the name of the old neighborhood I grew up in. I just wanted you to know it made sense to me now.  – Joan, USA

♥ – Nicole, I hung my Soul Portrait that you gave me one year for my Birthday. I look at it and I am at peace. I am honored to be your friend. – David, USA

♥ – Nicole, Today I saw a friend’s Soul Art Commission that you created. I am moved, touched, and humbled. I am the steward of a retreat ranch called High Hope. I wonder if you could create a Soul Art drawing to express the energy of the High Hope land and purpose.  – Krystyna, USA

♥ – Dear Nicole, I love my Soul Portrait! It’s fabulous! I am so grateful to have met you and its weird because it felt like I was meeting an old friend! The messages you gave me have been tremendously helpful on so many levels! I finally can release my old ideas of intuition being scary. I have decided to be open and receive with gratitude! I had such a great time being in your presence and my family is coming down and I want all of them to come see you! – Erin, USA

♥ – Hi Nicole, We picked up our two Soul Art Commissions from the framers tonight! I can’t tell you how beautiful they look! Thank you, I absolutely love them! My cousin said she ordered a Soul Art piece too. I can’t wait to see it! She’s really exited too! – Katherine, USA

♥ – Hello, my name is Guus and I come from Holland, so my english is not so good. I have seen some of your beautiful paintings on the web. I’ve always liked art, especially spiritual art. Further more I want to wish you luck with your artworks! – Guus, Holland

♥ – Nicole, I wish we could talk as you gave me so much comfort in my first pregnancy with my son. I was going to the fair but I never found comfort in any of the other intuitive readings as it seemed too general. I always walked away with great comfort after our Soul Portrait sessions and readings. – Kim, USA

♥ – Nicole, I’ll never forget the feeling when you named my father, his girlfriend, my mother, and my grandmother during our first Soul Portrait reading. I always tell the skeptics about that! Thank you. – Gena, USA

♥ – Nicole, My Soul Art and written messages arrived today. The art is absolutely beautiful. I have sat here looking at it for the last 30 minutes and reading the messages and notes. It is profound! My thanks again for the powerful artwork and your great talent. – Bonni, USA

♥ – Nicole, everyone involved with Gather The Women has loved your imagery and found inspiration in its complex interweaving of themes.  Thank you for this contribution to the Congress and to our unfolding story. Blessings as we Gather the Women. – Kathe

♥ – Nicole, I am so glad that you gave me your web info! Your work is extraordinary! I love it! I am even more excited to have my Soul Portrait done on Sunday now that I have seen the incredible work you do. What a blessing to have the gifts you do. – Michelle

♥ – Hi! I was up on the web when I eventually found your site…I am a numerologist, and have many clients with specialized gifts – one in particular, is also a soul portrait artist. She actually paints the images upside-down and when turned over are wonderful images of the etheric realms and self. I am delighted to encourage her gift with your example! So glad you are here with us! Big smiles to you! – Carmelle

♥ – Hey I love your site it is very uplifting. Keep on doing what you’re doing. – Oneisha

♥ – Dear Nicole, I felt really warm and welcomed when the moment I entered your house. Then your work, they are so creative, inspiring, and it feels good. And your love for people, it shines in you, and in your family. – Jeannie, USA

♥ – Nicole! Your artworks are beautiful! – Kristen, USA

♥ – It always lifts my heart to see your work dear. Luv ya. – Cindy, USA

♥ – You gave me great inspiration! Just thought I would drop a line since I found your website. There is no one like you! You are fantabulous. – Debbie, USA

♥ – I just took an inspirational journey through your work watching the video on your website my soul is inspired with the splendor of your Visionary Spirit. Stunningly beautiful!! A journey into the divine imagination. I have actually been a fan for years finding your website a few times during different forays into the global visionary art community. – Delvin

♥ – I just checked out your website and am totally blown away! Your work is amazing! I am so interested in this kind of creativity. You seem like you are established and not surprising, your stuff is so beautiful. – Gen, Australia

♥ – Hi Nicole, Awesome artwork! – Michael, USA

♥ – Beautiful vision art! Beautiful you! Bless. – Catalina, Colombia

Thank you. Feel free to contact me or leave a comment below. – Nicole 🙂


  1. S.R.
    May 06, 2011 @ 01:18:47

    I’ve been a fan of yours for a long time. I never tire coming back again and again to view your amazing artwork. Primo………….


  2. Isabella
    Nov 15, 2015 @ 04:18:20

    Thank you Nicole, I just came across with your art! THe y are so beautiful! some of them reminded me of the past, very deep


  3. Carlenia Springer
    Jun 01, 2017 @ 22:15:52

    Nicole, thank you for being such a pure channel for beauty to flow through. I am absolutely stunned by the images you create. I love your work!


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