Accomplishing dreams

Being creative is almost like drowning in a sea of ideas! Sometimes goals and dreams seem too big or too complicated to accomplish it all.

What do you choose?

How? When? Why? Where?

It’s easy to let doubts or procrastination delay the attaining of what we want. Those delays are a necessary part of things. There is a flow and a timing to the way things happen. There are people and opportunities to connect with when the timing is right. Otherwise things become frustrating and difficult, because we are trying to force things to happen in the way we want them to.

It’s great when things flow easily and when goals are accomplish successfully. It’s awesome! Then comes the next idea and the next… So there is always a desire to create and live more. Always a spark of creative inspiration ready to be expressed.

My personal goals include teaching, writing books, art videos, world-wide art licensing campaigns, exhibitions, a visionary art empire… That along with many goals for a joyful life. I’m happy that I’ve accomplished what I have and that there are more dreams to come.

Be Grateful! It’s amazing that we have the freedom and chance to choose so many things. And the creative force is so abundant in sharing its inspirations. We just have to go with the flow and enjoy the journey to the fullest.