An angel is born

An angel is born - Visionary art by Nicole Mizoguchi - A beautiful child is embraced by his loving mother.

An angel is born

Like a ray of sunshine the child of light awakens. The radiant child is like an angel, pure, wise and joyful. The baby is cradled within the arms of the Great Mother, being comforted and loved.

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  1. Rae Ann Frantz
    Jan 28, 2012 @ 04:57:08

    My friend, a midwife who joyfully and gracefully oversees that blessed time of pregnancy and delivery, recently lost her son to suicide. Mental illness and addiction had plagued his young adult life, and she found comfort in feeling he was at last at peace and with the angels now.

    She asked me to put together a slide show of his pictures. When I googled HEAVEN, your art,”an angel is born” came up, unique among all the photos of clouds and sun rays and paths. Your beautiful depiction seemed perfect for her situation. I saw the formation of life, a loving woman accepting the fruit of her womb, then releasing the child as an angel, knowing that the child would be embraced in heaven by the ancestors, all overseen by the Light of the world. If you use your finger (or your eye) to trace this progression it makes the symbol of infinity…how remarkable and appropriate for an understanding of unending,undying love.

    Thank you for the way your art honors life and brought comfort in this situation.


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