Dolphins and blue water

It was my dream to swim with dolphins in the wild. Several years ago, I traveled to Bimini island in the Caribbean to do just that. It’s a place famous for its ties to the Atlantis legend and the Bimini Road (square underwater stones suspected to be remnants of Atlantis)

It was an amazing journey to see and swim with wild spotted dolphins. The water was clear and blue with white sand. I never thought I could take such a trip but I’m glad that I took a risk and made it happen.

It was the first time I had ever been so far out in the ocean that I couldn’t see land. And I had never snorkeled before or been seasick. So I got to experience a lot of new things!

spotted dolphinWe ate gourmet vegetarian meals, danced, and had profound experiences. I had so many vivid dreams during that time. And some visions and sensations I can’t explain. There is something special about that area of the ocean. That’s for sure.

I wish I could journey to that place now. The beach and ocean are some of my favorite places. I love clear blue waters and have a connection to dolphins. They come to me in my artwork a lot. The dolphins near Bimini are wild spotted dolphin. With black and white spots. To me it looks like maps of stars and galaxies on their skin.


The trip was arranged by WildQuest and we arrived by sea plane to spend about a week snorkeling, swimming and meditating. Amazing!

Maybe one day I will go back again.

WildQuest is respectful of the dolphins and nature. They have wonderful journeys that will bring you into the world of dolphins and mysteries.