Creating Mandalas

I’ve recently fallen in love with mandalas! They are an awesome new creative discovery for me. It’s like I am having a shift in my art and mandalas are the best ways to express the new energies. My pastel painting are very detailed and larger sized so they take some time to produce. But the mandalas are pretty zippy in comparison. I can create one in a few hours or if I take my time, a day or two. It’s also very peaceful and almost like play. Playing with colored pencils. That’s what I use to draw them on black paper.

Currently, I have three that are on the verge of being completed. I’ll scan them in and post them on this site soon. I just started a new mandala based on a new spark of inspiration yesterday. I’m loving it and can’t wait to see it fully formed.

:)Try this: Create mandala art for yourself. If you haven’t tried creating mandalas give it a shot. Start by drawing a circle and fill it with your imagination. Use colored pencils, crayons, pen and ink or whatever you like. Put on some music or sit in a peaceful place and draw. If you don’t want to draw for yourself. Find mandala templates online and print them out. You can color them like a coloring book. Great chance to let your inner child play with some crayons!

So look for the new updates to the Mandala Gallery soon.