Creating art after earthquakes in Japan

Since the March 11th earthquakes and other events here in Japan, the creative muse has not been with me. Even though I wanted to, I just couldn’t express any artwork. I observed the world, felt deep emotions and then went internal to process things for a while. It was better just to be silent.

The Earth has been shaking almost daily and it’s easy to feel that life is shifting under our feet. I remember feeling a bit helpless which is probably normal after disaster strikes. My dream has been to love people through art and inspiration.

But recently I started to question whether my art would make a difference in this changing world. Because the problems seemed like mountains too high to climb.

While watching the images of disaster in Japan, one thing that deeply touched me, were the lost dreams. So many people’s lives were washed away. And it made me more determined to keep my own vision and hopes alive and growing. Their stories reminded me to cherish the opportunities I still have.

Now it almost feels like living my dreams successfully will have an impact on all the lost souls who can no longer live theirs. And one dream accomplished is a triumph for all.

Create the world mandala by Nicole Mizoguchi

This art image is “Create the world” the first mandala I made after the quakes.

Life is becoming more settled here in Japan. My heart feels lighter and creativity is flowing through me again.

There is a sense of momentum towards sharing my art with the world. I believe the images and inspiration I share do have an amazing effect.

So I will continue to create art from my heart to yours. 🙂