My Art Studio

Welcome to my studio!

When I first started creating I didn’t have a studio space, and would just draw by sitting on the floor. Now I’ve got a sanctuary to enter into, set the mood and create to my heart’s content.

Art studio Nicole Mizoguchi

A good art studio will have things like…

  • Organized storage
  • Favorite tools and supplies
  • Fresh flowers or plants
  • Good lighting
  • Clean work surfaces
  • Comfy chairs
  • Art on the walls
  • Music
  • Candles or crystals
  • Cheerful colors and positive energy

Comfy sofa in my art studio


When I create with pastels, I tape the paper to white foam board, so it’s easier to work.

Pastel paper on foam core setup

There is a box behind the board. This creates a good angle and support for the board to lean against. It makes it easier to draw the details.

On the table top I keep tissue paper under the drawing board, to catch the dust from the pastels. This is how I work 🙂


Art Studio Nicole Mizoguchi


My studio is a sanctuary, where I can close the door and relax.

If I’m not creating art, I can easily read books, meditate, listen to music, surf the net, and other things for inspiration.

On my bookshelf


I enjoy reading things that are uplifting and informative. My shelf has books on healing, creativity, spirituality, meditation, business…

Some of my favorite authors are Paramahansa Yogananda, Louise Hay, Elizabeth Gilbert, JK Rowling…

I also have books by other artist like Alex Grey, Andrew Lakey, Susan Seddon Boulet, Josephine Wall. They are my inspirations!

I hope you enjoyed a glimpse inside my studio space ❤️🎨✨