Art Technique

I don’t plan or sketch my art, it evolves and shows me what it wants to be.

The technique I developed is called “Cloud Gazing” because it’s similar to finding shapes in clouds. As I create there is no conscious plan for subject or composition. It’s more fun to let my imagination and intuition guide me. That way I am always surprised and amazed to see what appears in the art.

First I focus my intention on positive energy, divine thoughts, love, joy… Then I randomly blend pastels onto paper with my fingers. This creates a base of soft colors. I gaze into the clouds of colors and see shapes already there. I see angels, people, landscapes, and animals. It’s similar to finding shapes in the clouds in the sky, except I see them on paper. Then I enhance the shapes with details and colors.

See the example below:

This is a before and after picture of my process. It shows the randomly blended pastels on the left (Before). If you look carefully you can see the soft shapes that inspired me to create the final drawing. On the right is the finished art with all the details (After). This art is called “Paradise”.

My tools

Pastels – These are my favorite to create with. I use Prismacolor Nu-pastels and pastel pencils from ConteDerwent, and Stabilo.

Paper – Acid-free paper is used. The brand I enjoy working on is Canson Mi-Teintes black, blue or amber color papers.

I also create mandalas using a different drawing technique. Each mandala is created with prismacolor pencils on black paper. Occasionally I make paintings with Acrylic paint on canvas.

I’ll post more detail about my art process and art demo videos too.

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